SLHS Classes of 1952 ~ 50th Reunion Banquet ~ April 20, 2002
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  Reunion reception table  Joan [Gatter] Mumma gathering people for the group photo  Diane [Doty] Hurlbut, Barbara [Garrison] Lent & Harry Lent, Barbara [Andersen] Jackson  Danny & Virginia Castillo with Vince & Virginia Montesano  Pat [Stockholm] Maus, Linda [Stohr] Borelli, Elizabeth [Drury] Howe, Ron Borrelli  Danny Castillo, Eddie Perreira & Vince Montesano  Dave Lunge & Diana [Lucchesi] Lunge with Priscilla [Rose] Mays & Frank Mays  Shirley & Tom Munos with Julian Polvorosa  Bryan Parks, Sandy [Pease] Gill with Richard & Michele Conas  Pat [Stockholm] Maus, Linda [Stohr] Borrelli & Ron Borrelli, Don Bonvicino  Ron Hutt with Romy [Okey] Amos & Dick Amos  Carol [Hotton] Schmiedel, Nancy [James] Baldwinson, Janet [Stockand] Anderson  Janet [Stockand] Anderson and Jean [Humphrey] Moritz  Gloria [Chambers] Pearson, Cheryl [Chambers] Moniz, Marian [Pease] Abbott  Marissa [Mahakian] Potter, Robin [Rumery] Carnahan, Barbara [Holcomb] Spurgeon  Bob and Mary Diltz  Colene [Lafferty] Ingraham, Chloe [Nelson] Treanor and David Painter  Lucky Murphy, Mary Lou [Dreyer] Merriam and Barbara [Doidge] Beal  Marlene & Ray McColl, Tony Castro and Danny Castillo  Priscillo [Rose] Mays & Frank Mays and Arlene [Sipes] Mouat & Jim Mouat  Lucky Murphy, Mary Lou [Dreyer] Merriam and Bob Motta  Tony and Bev [Spracklin] Lopes  Jerry McDonald, Marge & Ron Lipe, Gloria Filbert  Betty [Saxby] and Anton Kraemer  Joyce Herzer, Fred Martin and Gary King  Don & Loralee Turnbaugh with Bob & Judy Saleen  Tom Munoz with Julian & Isabel Polvorosa  Manny Garedakis, Anita Luciano and Bernice [Perry] Ramos  Elizabeth [Drury] Howe & John Howe with John Schmiedel  Mike & Marilyn Coffee  Ron & Bonnie [Foote] Murray with Bill Craig
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