SLHS Classes of 1952 ~ 50th Reunion Banquet ~ April 20, 2002
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 John Schmiedel & Carol [Hotton] Schmiedel  Frank & Kathi Gamberutti  Ann [Rasmussen] Juul & Ole Juul  Dick Williams with Ron and Connie Abram  Rosemarie [Mayer] Pease, David Lewis, and Al & Jean Covarelli  Anita Luciano and Bernice [Perry] Ramos  Jim Hurlbut, Don Pharris with Barbara [Garrison] Lent  Pat Maus, m/m Borrelli, m/m Bonvicino, m/m Phariss, m/m Richards  Connie [Nolan] Linney, Gloria [Chambers] Pearson, Cheryl [Chambers] Moniz, Marian [Pease] Abbott, Marissa [Mahakian] Potter, Robin [Rumery] Carnahan, Barbara [Holcomb] Spurgeon, Ed Taylor, Carol Taylor  Art Hamilton, Colleen Verzi, Jerry McDonald and Nancy Hacker  Rosemarie & Frank Souza  Audrey [Lundberg] Goss, Richard Conas and Gloria [Chambers] Pearson  Joan [Gatter] Mumma and Trent Wessel  Marcie & Don Pass  Chloe [Nelson], Nancy [Woodruff], Colene [Lafferty], Beverly [Chatham]  Nancy [Woodruff] Adler, Barbara [Andersen] Jackson, Sharon Blair  Beverly [Chatham] Gutierrez, Nancy [Woodruff] Adler, Jan [Cole] Aston  Bob Motta, Mary Lou [Dreyer] Merriam and Barbara [Doidge] Beal  Danny Castillo and Frank Gamberutti  Don Pharris and Barbara [Garrison] Lent  Don Pass, Bob Archer, Jim Goss and Al Rinetti  Barbara [Doidge] Beal and Jim Goss  Joan [Gatter] Mumma and David Painter  Michele & Richard Conas and Gloria [Chambers] Pearson  Lucky Murphy, Mary Lou [Dreyer] Merriam, Barbara [Doidge] Beal  Mary Lou [Dreyer] Merriam, Carol [Josephsen] Motta, Shirley [Jones] Blomquist  Nancy & David Painter, Joan [Gatter] Mumma and Nancy [Woodruff] Adler  Gloria [Chambers], Dick Williams, Marissa [Mahakian] Nancy [James] Linda [Stohr]  Chloe [Nelson] Treanor and Nancy [Woodruff] Adler  Joan [Gatter] Mumma  Lime Rickey and his Par-T-Pak band  Diana [Lucchesi] Lunge and Dave Lunge
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