Livermore, California

Day #1 - 10 June 2003

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Doug and Joan with their luggage as they begin a four week trip to Norway. They will land in Oslo and spend 4 days visiting the capital of Norway. Then they travel to Bergen, taking the route called, "Norway in a Nutshell". They take the train through the mountains to the small town of Myrdal, then switch trains to the "Flåmsbanna" railway, taking the picturesque ride down the mountain to the little town of Flåm, located on Aurlandsfjorden. After a 2 hour ferry ride they arrive at the litte village of Gudvangen and spend the night. The next day the journey continues on to Bergen using a bus and the train where they stay for 2 days. Then it is a 4 hour journey to Stavanger riding the "Flaggruten", a high speed catamaran ferry boat. In Stavanger they join Doug's brother and his wife, Jorunn Mumma for the balance of their holiday. Jorunn was born in Stavanger and they have rented an apartment for 2 months on the little island of Grasholmen. From there, day trips will be taken around the local countryside. The journey ends with an airplane ride back to San Francisco/Livermore on July 8th.  Please enjoy this photo album of our holiday.