96th Annual Nankivell Family Christmas Party ~ December 5, 2010
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 Christmas 2010
 Bruce Hoover, Beth Cutter, Nan Cutter, Fred Cutter, Travis Hoover & Jessi Cutter  Jessi Cutter, Caitlin Salamanca, Pauline Cutter, Elizabeth Salamanca & Stephanie Hoover  Kyle Fuhrer & Travis Hoover  Sandy & Bruce MacLean, Scott Cutter & Cherie Salamanca  Kurt Cutter, Cherie Salamanca, Sean & Katie Cutter  Tyler Cutter, Josh Tyler & Erin Paddock  Santa & Grace Dausses  Gavin Dausses & Santa  The Dausses - Tricia, Grace, Santa, Sherman & Gavin  Sandy MacLean, Tricia Dausses, Grace Dausses, Santa, Sherman Dausses, Gavin Dausses & Bruce MacLean  The MacLeans - Sandy, Santa & Bruce  Santa & Liam Cutter  Santa & Emma Cutter  Tyler Cutter & Santa  Josh Cutter & Santa  The Cutters - Josh, Tyler, Ricky, Santa, Liam, Teresa & Emma  Erin Paddock & Santa  Santa & Jenny Mumma  Erin Paddock, Santa & Jenny Mumma  Jenny Mumma, Santa & Janet Hoover  Santa & Stephanie Hoover  Santa & Travis Hoover  Stephanie Hoover, Santa & Travis Hoover  The Hoovers - Bruce, Stephanie, Santa, Travis & Janet  Joan Mumma, Santa & Doug Mumma  Jessi Cutter & Santa  Beth Cutter, Santa & Kurt Cutter  Katie Cutter, Santa & Sean Cutter  The Cutters - Fred, Santa & Nancy  The Cutter siblings - Scott Cutter, Ricky Cutter, Santa, Cheri Salamanca, Sean Cutter, Kurt Cutter  The Cutter Clan  Kyle Fuhrer, Santa & Elizabeth Salamanca  Cheri Salamanca, Kyle Fuhrer, Santa, Elizabeth Salamanca, Adriano Salamanca  Kristine Shirley, Santa & Jim Lara  Who are these crazy people!!!!