1816 Shunck Bible
[Bible currently in the possession of Richard I. Luht heirs]

This bible was owned by Philip (1788-1835) & Sophia Schunck. Philip's mother was Anna "Nancy" Mumma who married Johannes "John" Schunck. Inside the bible is a sheet of paper listing the names and birth dates for Nancy and her siblings.  The Bible was published in 1816 and Nancy died in 1819 at age 60, so it is unlikely that she entered the names and dates in the the bible. The writing, recording the births, deaths, etc., is identical through about 1832 when the Schunck entries change style.  Only the Mumma information is presented. This is one of the few documents that identifies John Mumma, the eldest son of David Mumma (1727-1791). It is curious that the birth or death of David, the father of these children, is not listed, yet Abraham, the son is listed. A curious omission.


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The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments
M. Carey,

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John Mumma Born 15 Nov.r 1750
David Mumma Born 17 Feb.y 1753
Elizabeth Mumma Born 4 April 1754
Christian Mumma Born 15 Jan.y 1757
Ann Mumma Born 5 Feb.y 1759
Susan Mumma Born 22 Nov.r 1762
Abraham Mumma Born 19 May 1766
died 24 Jun 1789

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