Mumma/Reppeto Bible
[Bible current owner is unknown]
[Copies of the bible pages provided by Roy Wesley Mumaw]

In about 1973  an elderly citizen (he was late 70's or early 80's), intrigued by the last name, brought me (Roy Mumaw) these pages from his family bible. He felt that we were related. Since these are the only pages he copied, the publication date is unknown as well as the name of the original owner. The Reppeto and Mumma names are the prominant ones on these pages. We now believe that this gentleman was Charles E.Grote, b. abt 1903 whose mother was Elizabeth Mumma.

On the "Memoranda" page:
The first twelve entries are written in what is now a sepia colored ink and appear to all have been written at the same time. The last date shown was 1881.

Lines 13 & 14 are written in a blue ink (latest date of 1909).

Line 15 (the last) was written in a black ink (latest date of 1915).

On the "Deaths" page:
Ink is a blue-grey in color and looks like it was all written at the same time. (latest date is 1862)


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[Page One -- Deaths]

John G Reppeto Born Dec 24th 1824
Susan Vannatta Reppeto August 31th 1825
James Reppeto Son of Jna. and Susan Reppeto Born July 10th 1846
Josephine Reppeto Daughter of Jna. and Susan Reppeto Born January 13rd 1848
Granville Reppeto, Son of John and Susan Reppeto Born Nov 18th 1849
John W. Reppeto, Son of John and Susan Reppeto Born March 12th 1852
Ella Agnes Reppeto, Daughter of Jna. and Susan Reppeto Born March 24th 1854
Lizzie Susanne Reppeto Daughter of John and Susan Reppeto Born September 22nd 1856
Augustus O. Reppeto, Son of Jna. and Susan Reppeto Born Nov 10h 1858
William Elsey Reppeto, Son of Jna. and Susan Reppeto Born Oct 8th 1862

[Page Two -- Memoranda]

John Mumma was Bornd 1807 -  Died June 21th 1868
Mrs. Mary A Mumma was Borned 1819 in 19 day of May
John Mumma & wife Mary A Blount was married 11 Nov 1835
Anna Mumma Bornd 12 of Sept 1837 Died
Edward Mumma Bornd 17th May 1837. Died
William Mumma Bornd April 30 1939. Died
Leida Y Mumma Bornd Aug 10th 1842. Was married 1866
Ambrose R Mumma Bornd 5th March 1844. Killed in the Battle of Wittfield, West V. on 23 day of June 1863
Charley R. Mumma Bornd May 13th 1846. Was married 13th Jun 1868
John R. Mumma Bornd June 23rd 1847. Was married 8th Sept. 1870
Mary E. Mumma. Bornd June 15th 1850. Was married 25th Feb 1875
Anna Carrie Mumma Bornd 15th Nov 1857. Was married ?th March 1881
Roy Targus Grote, son of Ernest & Lizzie Grote: Died March 14th 1896
John G. Reppeto father of Josie Mumma born 24 Dec 1824 Died April 7th 1907
Mary Josephine Mumma, born Jan 23rd 1848, died Oct. 13th 1915 10 P.M.

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