1845 Isaac Mumma Bible
[Bible information and photographs coutesy of Tracy St. Claire]
[Bible currently in the possession of Mrs. Robert M. Mumma]

[Note: This bible was purchased at auction on eBay by Tracy St. Claire. She was not related to the Mumma family, but wanted to return the bible to a member of the family. Through the efforts of Doug Mumma and Wayne Mumma, Kim Mumma, the wife of the Robert M. Mumma (deceased), was located.  Robert had been given the bible by his father, but it was stolen from the family by a housekeeper. Tracy graciously sent the bible to Kim, so it has now been returned to its original owner. Many thanks to Tracy for her wonderful work salvaging bibles. The following bible images were scanned by Tracy.]

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments Together with the Apocrypha. Hartford: Sumner and Goodman, 1845. This Bible is in pretty good shape, but the binding needs repair. Included with the bible was an obituary, a hymn, and two sets of hair locks.

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[Page One -- Inside Front Cover]

This is the property of Isaac and Mary Mumma

[Page Two -- Flyleaf Opposite Front Cover]

Isaac Mumma was born the May the Second A Son of Christian & Elizabeth Mumma in the Year of our lord one thousand eight hundred twenty four and my wife Mary Nifsley was born on the thirtieth of December, A daughter of Christian and Nancy Nifsley in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred an twenty eight

[Page Three -- Marriages]

Isaac Mumma A Son of Christian and Elizabeth Mumma was Married to Mary Nifsley A daughter of Christian & Nancy Nifsley married on the eleventh day of January in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred an forty eight 1848

Uncle John Nissley died Nov 21 1915

December 11 1877 Mary F. got married to Edger Hummel in the evening at 7 O Clock

C. Nissley Mumma was Married to Aggie Shope February 22nd 1882 at 8 O Clock in the evening

Ralph Isaac Mumma was married to Anna Mountz June 25th 1900 at 8 Oclock

Helen Opal Mumma was Married to Oscar Wickensham October 15th 1902 at 8 Oclock

Mary Wickensham was married Oct 1 1932 at her home to Alfred Jennings

[Page Four -- Births]

Emma Jain Mumma was born on the twenty ninth of March A daughter of Isaac and Mary Mumma in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and forty nine

Anna Elizabeth Mumma was born on the twentieth May A daughter of Isaac and Mary Mumma in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty two

Mary Francis Mumma was born the eleventh of December in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty four a daughter of Isaac and Mary Mumma

Christian Nifsley Mumma was born the fifth day of July in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven A son of Isaac and Mary Mumma - First Son

[Page Five -- Births]

Alice Edith Mumma was born the twelvth day of June one thousand eight hundred fifty nine A daughter of Isaac & Mary Mumma

Blanche Beartha Mumma was born the twenty fifth day of March 1866 A daughter of Isaac and Mary Mumma

Ralph Issac Mumma December 30 1868 A Son of Isaac and Mary Mumma

Helen Opal Mumma was born the 1st of June 1875 daughter of Isaac and Mary Mumma

[Page Six -- Deaths]

My mother died March the 6th 1843 Aget 49 years 4 months an 17 days

My brother John died July the 10 1843 aget 32 years 4 month an 9 days

My brother Solomon died on the twenty fourth of Noveber A.D. 1849 and brought his age to 22 years 1 month an 10 days

My sister Amanda died Dec the 17th 1850 aged 5 years 5 month an 1 day

My brother Martin died October the 10 the A. D. 1851 Aget 26 years an 15 [illegible] days

My Step mother Mary died December the 26 A. D. 1851 aget 47 years an 2 month a 27 days

My Father died May the 30 A. D. 1855 aget 71 years 9 month & 18 days

My Father in law Christian Nisley Died July 8 1847 aged 40 years 10 months & 23 days

My Step sister Polly Hoffer Died Jany 4 1871 age 57 years 3m 4 day

My Step sister Betsey Hummel Died August 2 1874 age 59 years 7 mo & 12 days

May wifes mother Nancy Nifsley Died April 2 1878 aget 66 years 3 months & seventeen days

Our father Isaac Mumma Died March th 4 1887 Aged 62 years 10 months & 2 days

[Page Seven -- Page Opposite Family Records]

Rev. Bartholomew's Sermon for Grandmother Nissley. Text Numbers 23ch & Part of 10 verse

Rev. Bartholomew's Text for Cousin Grase Nissley Isiah 40th & part of 7 verse

Rev's Meidler & Swartz text for Isaac Mumma Numbers 23ch part of tenth verse

Mary Hummel's text was Thessaloniaus 4 chapter and 13 verse. Preached by Rev. Kanes. She died Friday Jan, 1, 1897 at 9:10 P.M. and was buried Tuesday Jan 5 at 2 PM

Emma J. Mumma died Feb 2nd 1911. at 10.10 and was buried Feb 6th at 2 P.M. Text was Revalation 14th chapter part of the 13th verse by the Rev Sharp. Rev Diffendaffer [??] text 34th Psalm 19th verse age 61 years 8 mo 8 day

Our Mother died July 30. 1912 at 10.20 P.M. age 82 Anna E. Mumma died March 24 at 6.10.P.M. was buried March 27 = 1913 age 61

Nissley Mumma died May 12 1920 in the [illegible] Church Steelton an praying meeting buried May 15 age 62 years 8 mo 7 days Rev Bauman preaches

Blanche B. Mumma died June 26 1921 buried June 29 1921 age 55 yr 3 mo Rev Fridgmiger [??] preached

Brother Ralph died Sept. 27 at 10.20 am. and was buried Sept 29 1934 age 65 yr

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